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I Will Look Unto The Hills For Wench Cometh My Help​

Psalm 1:21

Mission and Constitution of


The Spiritual Grounds for Our Relationship

I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES.ORG is a fellowship of ministries of the gospel across the globe that share a common passion for holiness, yielding to the Holy Spirit for leadership and empowerment, and a recognition that fellowship with like-minded co-laborers is central to gaining divine approval. It is thus a living, loving ministries of like- minded ministries of the gospel who share Passion for intimacy, growth with the Lord and a genuine relationship toward one another for Accountability in an increasing hostile world. Purposed toward Kingdom Building.

Originally known as I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER MINISTRY, THE MINISTRIES WAS FOUNDED BY Apostle Cynthia Anderson-Agbuye of Church On The Rock in Indianapolis, IN. From a handful of ministers, the Ministries being divinely multiplied to enfold ministers in 12 countries as of 2012. The congregations across Africa, India, Pakistan, India are undergoing a global transition as the Lord continues to use Apostle Cynthia Agbuye to open and to expand the ministries in various nations across the world including the USA.

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